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Wreck-It Ralph (Video Game Villain)
Wreck-It Ralph
Background information
Feature films Wreck-It Ralph
Television programs
Video games Wreck-It Ralph
Park attractions
Voice John C. Reilly
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Kind, nice, humorous
Appearance Giant man with large hands and overalls with one strap missing
Occupation The villain of Fix-It Felix, Jr.
Goal To get a heroes medal and prove he can be good
Friends Fix-It Felix, Vanellope von Schweetz, Sergeant Calhoun
Enemies King Candy, Wynchell and Duncan, Cy-Bugs
Likes Being a hero, his medal
Dislikes Being a villain, Vanellope unhappy
Powers and abilities Super strength
Weapons Giant fists
Fate Becomes the villain of his game again, but is happier with his status
Typical Saying "I'm gonna wreck it!"

Wreck-It Ralph is the main character in the Disney film of the same name. He is the villain of an arcade game Fix-It Felix, Jr., where he destroys a building in revenge for them destroying his home. Fix-It Felix, Jr. will fix the building and Ralph is thrown off the building into a mud puddle. After 30 years, Ralph decides he wants to be a hero and leaves his game, causing the game to almost be unplugged as a result. He is voiced by John C. Reilly.


Despite his role as the main antagonist of his arcade game, Ralph is sweet and humble when not acting his role as a villain. This is first shown when he gives a cherry to the characters from Q*Bert, who are homeless after their game was unplugged. He shows some concern for the less fortunate, saving Vanellope von Schweetz from getting hurt by the Sugar Rush Racers, and busting Felix out of King Candy's fungeon. Despite his kindness, the Nicelanders looked down on him and thought he was nothing but a bad guy. Even the other game characters feared him for his status.

Ralph also mentioned he had a temper, and if he got angry enough, he would destroy things. This included a cake and a jawbreaker. Ralph had a hatred of chocolate because it looked like mud, but by the end, he learned to love chocolate.


Wreck-It Ralph

Tumblr mefmwbRJdI1r7bf7do1 1280

Ralph before he goes on his search for a medal

For thirty years, Ralph has been the villain of the game Fix-It Felix, Jr., where he destroys the building and after Fix-It fixes it, he is thrown off the building by the Nicelanders. During those thirty years, Ralph has watched many other games get unplugged, and he was lucky his game wasn't unplugged. When the arcade his closed, Ralph lives in a dump, which is smashed building parts and bricks. The dump he lives in is next to the penthouse that Felix and the Nicelanders reside, and Ralph often watch as the Nicelanders give Felix pie and pat him on the back. It then turns out Ralph is talking about his problems at the Bad-Anon, a meeting held by video-game villains who have felt the same thing Ralph feels. During the meeting, Ralph confesses to not wanting to be the bad guy anymore, shocking the other members, who fear he is going Turbo. Ralph reassures them he is not and simply wants something more out of life. As Ralph and the other bad guys leave to go to Game Central Station, Ralph takes a cherry. The Surge Protector, who always stops Ralph, appears to question him. Ralph hides the cherry and manages to get past him. While he eats the cherry, he notices several other characters running and hiding from him. As he is near his game, he notices the cast of Q*Bert, homeless after having their game unplugged. Out of generosity, Ralph gives them one of the cherries, but the Surge Protector comes once more to stop him when he is about to enter his game.

Ralph finally gets past the Surge Protector and finds out the Nicelanders are celebrating their 30th anniversary without him. When he knocks on the door, the mayor, Gene, opens it and then shuts it upon seeing it is Ralph. The other Nicelanders assume Ralph will wreck the party, so they send Felix to get rid of him. The two get into a conversation and Felix invites Ralph to the party for a slice of cake. When he comes in, Ralph finds out that the Nicelanders baked a cake in the shape of the building, but the cake Ralph wasn't on the building, and was in the chocolate on the bottom of of cake, meant to look like the mud. When he points this out and puts the Ralph figure on top of the cake, Gene, mayor of the Nicelanders, gets into a heated arguement with him that ends when Ralph smashes the cake in anger. Ralph finally decides to leave the game and get a medal to prove that he can be a hero, but Gene doesn't take him seriously. Ralph firsts asks Tappers if he knows a game with a medal for it, but he doubts a game like that exists, but does suggest Ralph search in the lost and found. Ralph actually does check, but someone in armor bumbs in to him and walks into the wall. The person, named Markowski, goes hysterical about having to fight Cy-Bugs in his own game, Hero's Duty. Markowski mentions that they have to win a medal in the game, which catches Ralph's attention. Markowski knocks himself out after running from a small bug on Ralph's shoulder, so Ralph steals his armor and gun and follows the other soldiers into Hero's Duty.

Wreck-it-ralph-2012-720p-brrip-x264-bokutox-yify-mp4 001554302

Ralph earning the Medal of Heroes

By the time he has joined up with the other soldiers, the arcade opens. The first-person shooter, a robot, rides in and the Space Marines, led by Sergeant Calhoun, head out into battle against the Cy-Bugs, which have infested the game. The game turns out to be incredibly graphic and brutal, and Ralph is nearly killed by the Cy-Bugs, one of which eats his gun and its hands transforms into guns and shoots at him. Ralph tries to get to safety into the infested tower, but a swarm of bugs pour out and Ralph frantically grabs the first-person shooter and screams at the gamer to get him out of the game. In the process, the shooter is destroyed by a Cy-Bug. As the Cy-Bug attacks Ralph, a beacon turns on the attracts the bugs into it, destroying them. Calhoun berates Ralph for getting in the way of the first-person shooter and calls the other soldiers back to Starter's position. Ralph abandons his armor and breaks into the tower to achieve the medal. He manages to earn it, but he steps on a Cy-Bug egg, hatching it. The infant Cy-Bug attacks him and the two stumble into an escape shuttle, which launches the two out of Hero's Duty and into Sugar Rush.

After the shuttle crashes, The rabidly-growing Cy-Bug unintentionally presses the ejection button, which launches the two out of the shuttle, but while Ralph lands onto a tree, the Cy-Bug lands in the taffy swamp and supposeably drowns. Ralph realizes the medal is lost and discovers it on another tree. As he tries to reach it, a glicth in the game, Vanellope von Schweetz pesters him and eventually takes the medal, leaving Ralph to fall into a taffy swamp. Ralph gets out, covered in taffy, and follows Vanellope to the Random Roster ceremony, where Vanellope deposits Ralph's medal to get herself into the race. When he tries to force Vanellope to return the medal, security captures him and the game's ruler, King Candy, orders his two security guards, Wynchel and Duncan, to return Ralph to his game. However, Ralph manages to escape them. While pondering on how to get back his medal, he sees the Sugar Rush Racers driving to a junkyard and follows them in the hopes of asking them to return his medal in the upcoming Random Roster Race. However, he finds them tormentiong Vanellope and destroying her scrap-made kart. Ralph charges at the racers and scares them away after one of them shoves Vanellope into a mud pudle, but the glicth is too embarassed the thank him. The two bicker at each other until Ralph gets so frustrated and destroys a jawbreaker. Vanellope, shocked at his strength, proposes a deal: he helps her get a real kart, and she'll win the race and return his medal. Ralph reluctantly agrees.

Tumblr mk92tmGcvp1rxtfu5o9 1280

Ralph about to destroy Vanellope's kart

Ralph and Vanellope break into King Candy's kart factory, and attempt to build a kart in a mini-game. However, due to Ralph's size and strength, he ends up unintentionally disrupting the mini-game, resulting in the kart looking repulsive and hideous. Vanellope, however, is overjoyed to finally have a new kart. After signing the kart, the duo are confronted by King Candy, who has been alerted to Ralph's presence. Ralph tries to get Vanellope to drive the two out of the factory, but Vanellope nervously reveals she doesn't know how to drive a real kart, forcing Ralph to steer the kart by hand until the two escape King Candy by entering Diet Cola Volcano. Ralph briefly berates Vanellope until the glitch reveals that she is mistreated by the other inhabitants of the game due to her status, and she believes winning the Random Roster race will earn her respect among the other racers. Feeling sympathy for Vanellope, Ralph helps her learn to drive until she proves a natural. As the two are heading to the Random Roster race, Vanellope briefly returns to Diet Cola volcano to get something. In her absents, King Candy drives by and returns Ralph's medal, and explains that if Vanellope races, her glitching could result in the game getting unplugged and her dying due to not being able to leave the game. Candy leaves just as Vanellope returns and gives Ralph a medal she created that reads To Stinkbrain: You're My Hero. However, Ralph, fearing for Vanellope's safety, tells her she cannot race and is forced to destroy the kart the two built when Vanellope refuses to listen to him, leaving Vanellope heartbroken.


Vanellope von Schweetz

Wreck it 4

Art of Vanellope on Ralph's shoulder

Ralph got off on the wrong foot with Vanellope when they first met. The two could only see the bad in each other. Even before Vanellope stole Ralph's golden medal, they had no respect for each other. Vanellope deliberately taunted and annoyed Ralph and Ralph said that Vanellope was annoying him. They called each other names constantly, and at one point, Ralph even attacked Vanellope at King Candy's kingdom when she took his medal. And even after he saved her from Taffyta Muttonfudge, they still didn't get along. The only reason Ralph even helped Vanellope was because he wanted his medal back.

But after spending time together and learning about each other's problems, the two warmed up to each other. They found they were very similar, both being unjustifiably bullied and mistreated for something that wasn't their fault. By the end, Ralph was helping Vanellope because he now cared for her, and not because he wanted his medal. Vanellope even made a medal that wrote that Ralph was her hero. However, the two had a falling out when Ralph broke Vanellope's racing kart, which he only did because King Candy tricked him into believing that doing so would save Vanellope. Afterwards, Vanellope thought Ralph really was a bad guy. But after he broke her out of prison and told her about King Candy reprogramming the game so that he could rule, Vanellope forgave Ralph instantly.

Fix-It Felix

Unlike with the Nicelanders, Felix was kind to Ralph and referred to him as a brother. While Ralph did possess jealousy of Felix's success, he showed no hatred of him. However, Felix didn't understand the pain Ralph went through, shown when he had didn't understand why Ralph left when Calhoun questioned him, and when Felix tells Ralph that he doesn't know what it fells like to be rejected and treated like a criminal. When Ralph finally told Felix about his misfortune, Felix truly understanded Ralph.

King Candy

Ralph was enemies with King Candy right from the start. Their rivalry started when Ralph went on a rampage in his kingdom, and upon finding out Ralph went to Hero's Duty, he thought Ralph was trying to take over his game. Ralph had a low level of respect for King Candy, but this grew into hatred when King Candy denied him his medal.

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