Toy Chica (known as Chica 2.0 by some) is the redesigned version of Chica and one of the triantagonist in the Indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy's 2.She is voiced by Amber Lee Conners.


All that is known is that she will start on the Show Stage with Freddy and Bonnie, and that when she leaves the stage, she will remove her bib, probably to be more sexual with the player. She will then move to the Main Hall, where she may appear with Bonnie, the office hallway, the Kitchen, Party Room 2, and finally the left vent. She will then appear in the blind spot. If the player fails to defend themselves with the panties in time, she will jumpscare the player.



Toy Chica vs Rose Chaos King-0

Toy Chica vs Rose Chaos King-0