Pz2000x1280 Sofia
Princess Sofia
Background information
Feature films Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess
Television programs Monsters, Inc (TV Series)
Video games Monsters, inc: Scream arena

Disney Infinity Cars: Race o Rama Monsters, Inc (Video Game) Disney Crossy Road Disney Emoji Blitz Disney Magic Kingdoms Monsters, inc run

Park attractions Mike, Sofia and Sulley To the rescue

Monsters, inc: Laugh Floor

Actress Reese Witherspoon
Animators John Lassiter

Randy Newman

Voice Reese Witherspoon (Movies)

Selena Gomez (Video Games) Leslie Mann (Singing) Erin Fitzergerald (Tv Series) Cheryl Cole (1st Remake) Ariana Grande (2nd Remake) Alyssa Milano (Live Action)

Performance model Nicole schizenger
Designer John Lassiter
Inspiration Belle From Beauty and the beast
Awards Medal for getting boo home
Character information
Other names
Personality Optimistic and Loving
Appearance Small, slender, fair skin, blue eyes, auburn hair helpful
Occupation Mike Wazowski's Wife
Affiliations Mike, Sulley and Boo.
Goal Betrays Randall and Fungus and gets Boo home, Marries Mike Wazowski
Home Monstropolis, Spain (to give birth to Maria Wazowski)
Friends Mike Wazowski, James P Sullivan, Boo.
Enemies Randall Boggs, Henry J Waternoose, Jeff Fungus, ROR
Minions Mike and sulley
Likes Her husband Mike Wazowski
Dislikes being kidnapped
Powers and abilities Screaming and Dancing.
Weapons Her crown, Scream canisters and Laugh canisters.
Fate Helps Mike and sulley get boo home and gets married to Mike.
Typical Saying " I, Princess Sofia, Take Thee, Mike Wazowski, to be my lawful wedded Husband. "With this ring, as a talk of my love infection, I be wear it".

Sofia the First is the main protagonist of Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess. She is a regally and unbearably beautiful and extremely cute young girl who unexpectedly becomes a princess when her lovely mother Queen Miranda marries the king, Roland II. She has trouble as a princess, ranging from getting bullied by her pretty step-sister Princess Amber, being clumsy, and a sorcerer named Cedric who wants to rule the kingdom (but since reformed). But, with help from her friends, she can handle these problems.


Princess Amber

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Sofia and Amber.

When Sofia became princess, she was excited that she would be sisters with the other princess Amber. Unfortunately, Amber was rude and spoiled, and she didn't want to be sisters, occasionally correcting Sofia by stating that they were only step-sisters. Amber was jealous because Sofia was getting more attention than her. Amber played pranks on Sofia and even tricked James into doing the same. Sofia was initially unaware of this, but soon found out after Amber gave her magic shoes. After Amber humiliated her, Sofia refused to talk to her. Amber didn't care though, but after she was scolded by James and had her dress ripped, Amber became depressed and didn't come to the royal ball. Soon after, Amber realized her mistakes and helped Sofia, even protecting her from Cedirc's raven Wormwood. Amber then taught Sofia to dance.

Prince James

Sofia thought that she and James would be good friends, but she didn't seem to be as excited to have him as a brother as she did Amber as a sister. Ironically, Prince James was kinder to her than Amber. They had a rough start though, because Amber tricked James into embarassing Sofia, and she thought James did it on purpose. James made it up to her by helping her occasionally, and brought her to dancing lessons, but Amber used this as another opportunity to prank Sofia. James tried to stop Amber from bullying Sofia by berating her, which depressed Amber. After Amber made up with Sofia, James has helped Sofia with her problems, including helping her ride the horse Minimus.

Queen Miranda

Miranda is Sofia's mother, and they care for each other.