Jin Kazama
Background information
Feature films Tekken: The Motion Picture
Tekken (2009)
Tekken: Blood Vegeance
Television programs
Video games Tekken 3
Tekken 4
Tekken 5
Tekken 6
Tekken 7
Tekken Tag Tournament
Street Fighter X Tekken
Tekken 3D: Prime Edition
Tekken Revolution
Project Zone
Tekken Card Tournament
Park attractions
Actor Jon Foo
Voice Isshin Chiba
Minami Takayama (in the Japanese version of Tekken: The Motion Picture
Jacob Franchek (as a child in the English version of Tekken: The Motion Picture)
Patrick Seitz (Tekken: Blood Veangence)
Brad Swaile (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Sophisticated
Appearance Kazuya Mishima's son
Occupation CEO of Mishima Zaibatsu (in Tekken 6)
Goal Destroy Devil Gene, Kazuya and Heihachi
Home Japan, Asia
Friends Jun Kazama, Heihachi Mishima (TK3), Ling Xiaoyu
Enemies Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima (TK4/Onwards), Devil Gene, Ogre, Devil Jin, Azazel
Likes His mother's teachings, his mother, his grandfather (TK3), Ling Xiaoyu, Flames
Dislikes Deception, his father, his grandfather (TK4/Onwards), Devil Gene, Ogre, his devil form, Azazel
Powers and abilities Strength
Fate Unknown
Typical Saying Unknown

Jin Kazama (Kazama Jin) was first introduced in Tekken 3, and he returned to every subsequent game. He is one of the main protagonists along with Lars Alexandersson and Kazuya Mishima of the Tekken series and is a anti-hero in Tekken 6 as well as the one of the main antagonists alongside Azazel. He is also known as the Child of Destiny.